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The CD100A is designed to detect combustible gas leaks in residential and small commercial applications. Sensing leading combustible (Natural Gas, Propane, etc), non-combustible, and toxic gases and has > 50ppm methane sensitivity. Detects Propane-Based Refrigerants R290A and R600. Also known as “Natural Refrigerants” or “Not in Kind”. Semiconductor sensor responds instantaneously to all combustible gases. The easily adjusted, steady tic rate provides a precise indication of the leak source. The CD100A can be used in tight quarters where others might not fit. The CD100A is backed by a 1-Year limited warranty.

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Worklight Yes
Protective Boot/Overmolding Yes
Warranty 1-Year limited
Gooseneck 18 inch
Adjustable Tic Rate Yes
Audible and Visual Tic Rate Yes

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